How to Register with MEPA

User Manual for Registration
Please use following steps to complete registration process.
  1. Click on Register link on top bar of this page.
  2. Please add all relevant information and select your user type. Also make sure you read our terms & conditions carefully before joining MEPA.
  3. After successful registration, you will be auto logged in , if you are not auto logged in the please login using email and password. If its your first time login you will be redirected to either corporate membership plan or individual membership plan
  4. Please choose your membership plan and click on Pay Now button.
  5. Once you click on Pay Now, you will be redirected to Our Payment Gateway. Please put valid information and do the payment to activate your corporate membership.
  6. After successful registration for individual & for corporate (After successful payment), members will be able to do live social streaming on MEPA platform.