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  1. Registration as individual member except sales/marketing/business development personals only.
    •   - Students
    •   - Any salaried person except Sales/Marketing/Business Development.
  2. Resistration as corporate membership applicable for below members,
    •   - Sales/ marketing/ business development representative's of any company/firm.
    •   - Consultants.
    •   - Contractors / Distributors / Supplier's / Retailers/ Traders.
    •   - Manufacturers.
    •   - Educational institutions.
    •   - Self employed.
  3. Individual members do not have right to post company/firm/ products promotion's.
  4. Any illegal/objectional post is not allowed, if found membership will be cancelled immediately without notice & proper legal action will be taken against him/her. There will be zero tolarance for posting objectional content, which includes following
    •   - Defamatory commentary and hate speech about religion, gender, race and other targeted groups
    •   - Overly sexual material of an explicit nature
    •   - Portrayals of extreme violence or content that encourages violence
    •   - Bullying and harassment
    •   - Illegal activities such as drug use and gambling
  5. Corporate Membership is not refundable & transferable.
  6.  Do not post any copyright material, if found so it's legal responsibility of individual not MEPA.
  7. Do not post any irrelevant messages other than MEPA's Vision. If anyone post irrelevant messages, MEPA is having right to remove membership of said person without prior notice.
  8.  All members to follow rules and regulations of MEPA.
  9.  Do not post any religious/ political messages, if found membership will be cancelled.
  10.  Individual membership are free for one calendar year only. After completion of free membership.